LEKOM CZ s.r.o. was established in 1996 as a company for international trading with Central Asian countries, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan in particular. The core business of the company is related to supplies to oil and mining companies, as well as to companies within the power generating industry. The supplies are mostly concentrated on modular structures and buildings, together with related works and services.

The branch of LEKOM CZ s.r.o. in the Republic of Kazakhstan represents Czech enterprises specializing in the fabrication of modular segments (containers) and construction of broad-spectrum modular structures (representing KOMA MODULAR CONSTRUCTION and UNICO MODULAR companies). LEKOM CZ deliveries and services include commercial quotations for the supply and installation of light large span steel structures covered with PVC fabric. Modular structures can be supplemented with the SUNTIME water heating system based on a solar energy collector (representation of PROPULS SOLAR company).
Thanks to the complex delivery of modular structures, the availability of water heating with the above- mentioned solar energy collectors and installation of light large span steel structures for wide-range use, LEKOM CZ is ready to supply and install integral systems according to your specific requirements in the field of social infrastructure for permanent or temporary use. One of the advantages of these systems is the easy de-installation and relocation to another place as per the investor’s choice.

LEKOM CZ representing KOMA MODULAR CONSTRUCTION is the only company in the Czech Republic with an integrated production facility for residential and sanitary modules with galvanized frames. Such a production facility saves costs for its owners because of its increased operational lifetime. The company provides extended warranty for the frames: 8 years. The following company products have been highly rated at international exhibitions: high volume modules, modules with removable walls, and low-energy modules. The company is responsive to the customer’s requirements and enhances its products on a regular basis, thus maintaining a high manufacturing quality of the products. LEKOM CZ provides customized integrated turnkey construction of a facility using С3 and М3 type modules.

LEKOM CZ represents UNICO MODULAR with a broad spectrum of construction of process, residential and specialized containers, flat pack containers, and mostly modular structures according to individual customer requirements (kindergartens, schools, gas filling stations, aerodrome control towers, residential houses, offices, restaurants, exhibition halls, etc.), and is ready to meet any of your requirements.

LEKOM CZ specializes in the development and production of all types of light pre-fabricated large span structures, system structures and hangars at affordable prices. In addition to our products we offer consultation services to our customers. Communication with the customer is important to us, as it helps us to gain better knowledge about the customer’s specific ideas and their possible implementation. 
We will try to satisfy all your needs and requirements to the maximum extent, and provide a wide range of steel structures of different design. We can engineer and supply various non-standard roofing structures for large span facilities. We also offer turnkey installation of facilities. You can always count on us if you need to repair or rearrange any large span facility.
The product range of our company includes warehouses, production facilities, gyms and tennis centres, roof structures, hangars, etc. We focus on the technological development and maximum usage of structures and minimum technical maintenance to ensure that the facilities we install meet all the customer’s needs. Large span facilities are adopted for climatic conditions and withstand high loads, also saving your energy costs.

The quality of our work is guaranteed by the certificates we hold.

LEKOM CZ has expanded its product range with a smart solution using environmentally clean energy, SUNTIME solar systems. These systems will allow you savings of up to 70% in hot water and up to 30% in heating costs. We are ready to develop a design solution as per your requirements, deliver the products and ensure turnkey installation.

Looking forward to further cooperation with you.